They say a mix is done when the song is due, but what if you don’t have or haven’t set a deadline? That’s when things can get tricky. As artists, I think that we can ALWAYS find something to fix with whatever it is that we are creating.

For example, I have an instrumental I have been working on called ‘Rise and Fall’. The song is recorded and the mix is ‘pretty much’ done. Why pretty much? Well…I say pretty much because I can hear things that I think could/should be fixed. The funny thing is that my beta listeners don’t hear anything wrong with it and say that it sounds great. So what’s my hangup?


The more I think I can fix/tweak this song, the safer I feel because I am not putting my art out for the world to see…and possibly ridicule. That’s the thing with the Internet…it’s an can be an awesome thing, but the anonymity allows folks to say the most comtemptible things imaginable.

So what do I do? I suck it up, upload my art, and let it speak for itself with the understanding that art is subjective. Some will love it while others will hate it…and that’s ok. The world is a better place with art in it…that’s what I’ll focus on…that and not reading the comments.

That said, I’ll release ‘Rise and Fall’ into the wild this weekend and move on to the next song. I’ll feel accomplished and there will be another piece of art added to the Universe.

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