I’m making good progress on the first EP I’ll be releasing this year. Right now I have four songs that will make the cut and depending on time, I may add a fifth…we’ll see.


Now about the title of this post…I happily enter the studio ready to comp my acoustic guitar line. I’ve recorded the part three times and I will go through each take, find the best parts, and glue it all together to make one super take! Modern technology allows us to do this and it’s an efficient way to get the best performance. I fire up Cubase and dig in only to find that something ‘feels’ off. For this particular song, I programmed the tempo of the drums to follow 100 BPM (beats per minute for non-musical folk), and I recorded the acoustic guitar part at 100 BPM. 


I mentioned that the song felt off, so I sing along with the drums and guitars and I find the problem…this tune is dragging!!! Not good. It’s easy enough to change the temp of the song and my drum program, Superior Drummer 3; it will follow along no problemo. I upped the tempo to 103 BPM and now the song feels much better. The acoustic guitar however…well…since it’s actual audio that I recorded and not a sample based instrument, I had to re-record it. NOT a big deal since I know the song like the back of my hand, but a minor inconvenience. 


I erased the acoustic parts (ouch) and re-recorded them at 103 BPM. I was feeling inspired so I went ahead and wrote and recorded the bass line too…progress. By adding three stinking beats per minute, this tune feels good to me and ready to keep on working!


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