For the record, I despise tinkering! Like…LOATHE it! And it can be ANY kind of tinkering, but a lot of what I tinker with is music equipment related. So I recently purchased a couple of upgrades to the studio; an ART Pro MPA-II Mic Preamp and an ART Pro VLA-II Compressor. I got a killer deal on them and while they weren’t exactly ‘necessary’ to my setup, they sure look cool (and that’s really all that matters, right?). All kidding aside, this preamp and compressor are gonna make things sound better and I’m excited to get them up and running. This is where the tinkering comes in…did I mention that I HATE tinkering?

I’ll have to clear out some space in my main gear rack and take the existing gear, relocate it to another rack, install the new pieces, and re-wire everything. All of this is just a major pain in the butt because it requires all 6’2″ of my to crawl under a my studio desk and squeeze behind a rack so that I can re-connect everything. My plan after getting everything in place was to sing one of my songs today to keep this EP train moving. As I go to duck under the desk…at full, confident speed mind you…I slam the top of my head against this protruding clamp that is holding a microphone stand in place. OUCH!!! Well…that’s not exactly all I said, and let’s just say that I expressed myself with the utmost fervor, and at the top of my lungs.

I checked my head for blood…no blood, but a nice goose egg was forming. While I am happy that I released the anger of knocking myself silly, the unforeseen side effect to said release was that my throat felt a little funny. Hmmm…I sure it will be fine. I finish tinkering…man do I abhor tinkering…and pick up a guitar to run through the song a couple of times before I record some vocals. Let’s just say that stepping on a cats tail sounded better, and it hurt. So it’s hot tea with honey and lemon for me as I let the ol vocal chords recover. So the lesson for the day…next time, try to see the big picture before you scream bloody murder after crushing your skull while tinkering in the studio. Did I mention that I detest tinkering?

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