When you can see the finish line after months of writing, recording, and producing music for an EP, what do you do? You decide to upgrade the studio that’s what you do. I mean, it’s not like I’m trying to finish this project or anything :-\

So, yes…I decided to add some upgrades to the studio. I now have what is called a ‘hybrid studio’. What that means is that I have analogue gear along with my digital gear and they play nicely together. Prior to this upgrade it was all digital, and with these new toys I’ll have the best of both worlds as I continue to work towards completing and releasing four of my songs to the universe.

I’ve been pondering as to why I decided to do all this extra work right now, when I should’ve been solely focused on finalizing the EP. BUT if all goes according to plan…and yes, there is a plan if you can believe it. I just might have something cool to announce this coming week. FINGERS CROSSED!!!

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