So last weekend I wake up, get some breakfast, and I’m charged up! It’s ‘Studio Saturday’ and I’m ready to get some work done. I’ve got it all planned out…I’m going to record the acoustic guitar part for a song called ‘And I Go’. I get everything set up…two microphones (a condenser and a ribbon) and I’m plugged in direct. I will blend these three signals to capture the sound from my lovely Breedlove koa acoustic.


Cubase is fired up and ready to accept whatever I send to it, be it sloppy or perfect playing. It oftentimes results in the former  🙂  I hit the record button waiting to hear the drums samples from Superior Drummer 3…I know they will sound amazing and help me nail this part with a sweet groove that I’ve programmed…with a sweet groove that I’ve programmed…with a swee…nothing…it’s quiet!


Well BALLS!!!  There is no drum track! It’s become glaringly apparent that I didn’t program the track like I thought  My initial mojo is gone and I stare at my computer screen. Acoustic guitar WILL be recorded today!!! So I buckle down, get my drums programmed (which is fun), and record my guitar line.


I should’ve made some kind of list that allows me to keep track of what’s been done. As Creatives, we often have our heads in the clouds and lose track of where we are in our projects. Lesson learned…I have created a spreadsheet complete with a song list and its respective parts. Fool me once…


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