“Maybe I’m wrong for thinking out loud, and maybe I’m scared of writing this down. But I’ve already started, and I’ve been there before. Silence is sacred. Can’t say anymore.”

Human Condition // Daron Macke

About daron

Daron Macke is a guitar player, singer, songwriter, producer, and engineer with over 25 years in the music industry. What began as playing guitar in high school garage bands quickly became a passion that has only grown with time.

As a guitar player, Daron has performed for crowds from 2 to 20,000 bringing a keen musicality and inventiveness to every show. If not playing a live show, Daron might be found in the studio, where he has experience working on commercial projects, production, and engineering for himself and others.

Most recently, Daron teamed up with his wife, Kelsey to form the indie-pop band Wedding Day Rain. Together the pair crafts heartfelt songs full of earnest harmonies and singable melodies in equal measure. Daron not only performs with the duo, but produces their independent releases (most recently, their full-length debut, Imogen Unlocked). It was this project, along with his previous catalogue of solo and Wedding Day Rain releases that caught the eye of Breedlove Guitars. In 2014, Daron was welcomed into the Breedlove Endorsed Artists Program.

Daron’s diverse musical experiences and interests have recently manifested in a collection of songs ranging from guitar-based instrumental tracks to powerful ballads and indie rock anthems.

The production of this next solo project has created many opportunities for Daron to continue to grow, learn, and share his music with the world.

Above all, music is an extension of self. Take a listen to Daron’s music and get to know what true passion sounds like.